Pancreatic Cancer: "silent killer"

Pancreatic cancer is characterized as a "killer" the legend: Steve Jobs. In medical circles, because the ferocity, the cancer is referred to as the "silent killer". Cancer is regarded as one of the malignant cancer with the possibility of life for the sufferer is very small due to breast cancer was found in an advanced stage. This is because the location of the pancreas gland itself is located in the stomach making it difficult for the early detection of cancer growth.

Pancreatic cancer in early stages, usually does not give any signs. But typically, patients will often feel stomach pain, but it is considered a common ulcer symptoms. The pain arises because cancer cells have a large and pressing the pancreatic lymph channels. Cancer cells can spread rapidly.

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment and Causes
Step of treatment depends on the stage, patient age and health condition of the patient as a whole. If possible the treatment of pancreatic cancer through surgery, but if not possible then the treatment is done to prevent pancreatic cancer continues to grow and spread to other areas.

The main cause of pancreatic cancer until now not known although some of the assumptions and the theory that genetic factors play a role. In addition, also due to an imbalance in cell growth factor.

Prevention of Pancreatic Cancer
Because it is not certain that the cause of prevention is still difficult and have not found a definite formula. In general, to prevent the arrival of this cancer is the adoption of lifestyles and healthy eating patterns so that the pancreatic cancer are reluctant to perch.

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