Spicy Chilli flavor Can Make More Healthy Heart

Recent studies have shown that the compound in hot peppers can have significant benefits to protect against heart disease.

The study, led by Professor Zhen Yu Chen from the Chinese University of Hong Kong was disclosed in a forum National Meeting of the American Chemical Society to-243 in San Diego, USA.

Of their testing more and more evident, the compound capsaicin that gives chili spicy flavor to be able to increase cardiac work.

Capsaicinoid substances in the capsaicin can reduce the accumulation of cholesterol in the body, with increasing damage to the fats are bad, then throw it out through the feces. Capsaicinoid block cyclooxygenase-2, a gene that makes the arteries to contract and may block blood flow to the heart.

Capsaicinoid also effectively trigger a decrease in fat in the blood vessels. This fat can narrow arteries and trigger heart disease or stroke. In conclusion, a substance belonging to the capsaicinoid help improve the health of the heart and blood vessels.

However, Chen warned, excessive consumption of chili is also not recommended for the health of people with heart disease. Therefore, the chili is not a substitute for medicine for heart disease that has existed at this time.

"It's basically a good diet is a balanced diet. Chili may be regarded as supplements," added the expert knowledge of nutrition and the food.

Source : Kompas Health

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